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先來良醫的:http://www.bostonherald.com/ente ... g?articleid=1272582

Daly special: modern fairy tale

With his full beard and long red hair, “Kisses” writer-director Lance Daly could pass for an overgrown leprechaun.

But with “Kisses,” his award-winning Dublin-set movie about a pair of runaway kids, the 30-something filmmaker has emerged as an unlikely summertime Cinderella, one who’s graduated to directing Orlando Bloom in Hollywood.

“Orlando liked ‘Kisses’ and asked me to direct ‘The Good Doctor,’ ” Daly said in an interview at Manhattan’s Oscilloscope Laboratories, the company distributing “Kisses.”

Winner of the 2009 Miami International Film Festival’s audience award and best director at last year’s Irish Film and Television Awards, “Kisses” tells of two disadvantaged kids: Dylan who runs away to Dublin to escape his drunken, abusive father, and Kylie, the girl next door who joins him.

There, they encounter the wonders of a city and its very real dangers.

“The idea came,” Daly began, “from thinking about when you put kids in that kind of environment growing up, at what point do they no longer have a chance to be something other than a mirror of that environment?

“I wanted to do a story about two kids who still have a chance to be something else and find a way out of that inevitable fate.”

Any movie starring children is difficult to make; finding them even more so.

“I had a very specific idea about the two, so it’s hard when you go out and meet flesh-and-blood actors. We saw thousands of kids in Dublin; we went to all the schools.”

Shane Curry, who plays Dylan, and Kelly O’Neill, who is Kylie, were under 12 when filming began. They are both Dubliners.

“We wanted that to be real, not playing an accent,” Daly said, even if it meant subtitling a few lines for American audiences.

“The Good Doctor,” which Daly just finished, “is a Hitchcock-style suspense thriller about a young doctor who gets caught up in all matter of medical misadventure on his way to the top. It seemed like a nice move from ‘Kisses.’ ”

How did Hollywood compare to Dublin?

“Yeah, it’s more money, but actually in L.A. there’s a machine there to eat that money. It didn’t feel different; it all balances out.”


“I’m a big fan of him,” Anderson gushes, “I always thought he should be in this movie and I never thought we’d get him, because I always thought he’d say, ‘No, it’s too much like Pirates. I don’t want to do another movie like that.’ Because Orlando, I always felt he had been straitjacketed into playing the good guy. He’s like a lass and you can’t get any better than that, he’s so noble and so…and then, in Pirates, he’s the noble guy.”

“And I think that’s why he stopped doing studio movies because he felt he was being tapped as the good guy and he had these depths that he wanted to show,” he adds, “The Duke of Buckingham is a nasty piece of work. And I can’t tell you how excited Orlando is to play kind of like a nasty guy. I mean, he’s just such a nice man and he’s so excited about the movie. If I had to tell him that to go to Germany and start help building the sets right now, I think he’d leave Miranda Kerr and go, ‘I have to go and help build some sets.”
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导演说到开花因为喜欢他导演的Kisses所以邀请他做The Good Doctor的导演。
他说The Good Doctor是一出希区柯克式的悬疑惊悚剧,讲述了一名年轻的医生被发现他走上个人巅峰的过程中,发生的种种医疗事故。


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虽然我也觉得 那句话 挺萌>  <
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[他扮演的白金汉公爵将会是个道德败坏的人(看来他们要对原著大改编了)。] 虽然我不介意他演反派,但我很介意乱改大仲马。
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我觉得没有必要刻意拒绝哪一类型的角色,有好剧本都可以考虑。刻意转型有风险。= =我觉得他适合演小流氓,不要问我为什么……
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He’s like a lass……救命导演不能更懂!
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He’s like a lass……
老夫!的脑洞!又!和导演!重合!了!老夫!看完!魔戒!和!soilder's girl!之后!就一直!脑补着!开花!也去!演个伪娘!什么的!最好!是!我妻由乃!那种!清纯!可爱!病娇!的!少女!导演!既然!脑洞都!开了!就!来一发!吧!你!可以的!老夫!咆哮着!冲进了加勒比海。
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白金汉的戏份很少——==基本上就是不断换装出现的一个家伙——,然后最后出现还是一脸灰头土脸的大吼,笑倒··~~~好医生还没看过,下去补一下再上来。倒是之前看的《天国王朝》,非常好看,开花的表演我觉得很不错啊,攻城场面巨大,可惜当年没有好好播放出来 ,可惜了。
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